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          What is acetate sheet?

          Acetic acid board is a kind of natural cell membrane acetic acid. Its main body is extracted from the pulp of plants. This material is natural, non-toxic, harmless, and environmentally friendly. Many hair accessories use this kind of material. Compared with other decorative materials of the same type, board has obvious improvement in all aspects, and it is currently the first choice for high-end jewelry manufacturers.

           The performance characteristics of using acetate fiber board (glasses rubber sheet) for the spectacle frame: It has a certain degree of elasticity, and when it is loosened after a little hard bending or tensioning, the shape memory sheet will return to its original shape. Frame cut and processed from acetate fiber sheet. The characteristics of the board are that it is not easy to burn, light in weight, and will not change color due to ultraviolet radiation. It is harder and has better gloss. The style is stylish and beautiful, and it is not easy to deform after wearing.

          1. The performance of acetic acid board

           The weight is lighter, the hardness is relatively large, the gloss is good, the fusion with the steel skin strengthens the firmness, and the style is beautiful, and it is durable. There is a certain degree of flexibility.

          2. Advantages

          The plate frame is fashionable, it is easier to match the clothes, and reflects the temperament and personality. The frame shape has both modern and classic features, with streamlined and rich-color spliced borders, perfect for seamless integration.

          3. Disadvantages of acetic acid board

          Compared with metal and titanium frames, sheet metal frames are prone to deformation after long-term one-handed strap removal.