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          Which is better for glasses rubber sheet material or alloy material?

          Glasses rubber sheet: generally processed from acetic acid sheet, which is a high-tech memory sheet. Because it is lighter in weight, it can strengthen its firmness when combined with steel skin, and its style is beautiful, and it is not easy to change color; because it is a high-tech memory board, when it is slightly bent or tensioned and relaxed, the shape will return to its original shape, which is not easy Deformed. Because it is hardly discolored by ultraviolet radiation, it is harder and has better gloss, is not easy to heat processing, and its style is more beautiful. Its simple and restrained design is very popular among fashionable people and students who pursue quality life.

          Because of its technological characteristics: the plastic is first formed into a plate through the process of pressing, and then the spectacle frame is formed by cutting with a CNC machine tool. The density is higher than that of ordinary plastic. Therefore, it is heavier and more durable. Because the sheet is formed first, it can produce a variety of patterns and colors, while the injection molding process can basically only be single-color. Therefore, the price of spectacle rubber sheet is generally cheaper.

          Alloy material: generally made of various metals, common rare metals such as nickel alloy, titanium alloy, and K gold. Nickel alloy has strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and good ductility. It is more common on the market at present, but because of its heavier weight, it is not friendly to people who are prone to allergies, so it is not recommended. Titanium alloys mainly include pure titanium, titanium alloy and β titanium frames. The pure titanium frames are all made of 99% high-purity titanium, which is relatively hard. The ring or main part of the titanium alloy frame is Titanium alloy; the frame or the main part of the β titanium frame is β titanium, which has high elasticity and is super light. In summary, the cost performance of titanium alloy frames is still very high, because of its light texture, light and comfortable, there are still many people used, and it is corrosion-resistant, not easy to deform and will not cause allergies. It is also a more durable one.