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          What are the materials of the sunglasses frame?

          1. Non-metallic materials

          1. Acetate fiber (CA particles), commonly used glasses rubber sheet and injection frame. Gloss, dimensional stability, good impact resistance, slightly less recovery, easy to process and adjust. The sheet frames we wear generally come from this material, especially the black frames. It is a chemically modified natural polymer formed by esterification of hydroxyl groups in cellulose molecules with acetic acid. Its performance depends on the degree of acetylation.

          2. Celluloid is also a material for eyeglass frames. It is the old name of a plastic brand. Because it was the first brand to produce synthetic plastics in history, this material was named after celluloid. Made of camphor, lubricant and collodion.

          3. Acrylic. Acrylic is a popular spectacle frame sheet material in recent years. It is a material formed by extruding acrylic particles through an extruder. We often hear about: acrylic sheet, acrylic marble, acrylic light box, acrylic sheet, etc. It is popular because it can be transparent like glass.

          2. Metal material

          1 Titanium and titanium alloy, it is a kind of silver-white metal, which is characterized by light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and strong plasticity. It is also a common spectacle frame material on the market.

          2Copper and copper alloys are generally used for low-end spectacle frames, because of their poor corrosion resistance and easy to rust characteristics, but their cost is low and easy to process. Generally, spectacle frames of this material will have anti-allergic rubber sleeves, which is better Distinguish.