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          Share the knowledge of choosing the right spectacle frame

          1. Common frames can be divided into plastic frames (including natural materials), metal frames and hybrid frames according to their materials.

          1. Plastic frame: Its characteristics are: light weight, not easy to be allergic, and it is mostly loved by the elderly and children. Now it is also used by fashionable people as the choice of sunglasses or decorative mirrors.

          At present, plastic frames are mostly double-splice frames made of acetate resin, that is, they are made of laminated plastic. A thin layer of plastic of one color is glued to another thicker layer of plastic. The thick material is mostly transparent (or Translucent color materials are also made of three or more layers of plastic.

          Natural materials for making spectacle frames include tortoiseshell, special wood and animal head horns. The most common is tortoiseshell spectacle frames.

          The tortoiseshell material is made of tortoiseshell shells produced in the tropical ocean, and the main production area is the West Indies. Its advantages are light weight, beautiful luster, no irritation to the skin, durability and preservation value, and it is very popular among middle-aged men and older wearers. The disadvantage is that it is relatively easy to break, but it can be bonded and repaired after it is broken. Do not use ultrasonic cleaning during use and maintenance, otherwise it will become whitish and lose its luster. Since tortoiseshell is a prohibited animal in the ocean, the production is small and the price is high.

          2. Metal frame: Its characteristics are: sturdy, light, beautiful, novel in style and wide in variety.

          The material of the metal frame is mostly made of a certain metal material or alloy, and copper alloy is often used as the substrate, and then surface treatment is performed on it, and it is often plated with gold, or plated with rhodium or palladium with white or titanium. Due to different electroplating processes, some are easy to fade, and some are not easy to fade. In addition, there are frames made of pure titanium and frames made of memory alloy.

          Metal frames are basically equipped with nose pads, and the nose pads can be moved to adapt to various nose shapes. Plastic sleeves are often put on the ends of the temples, which are not only beautiful, but also protect the temples and skin.

          3. Mixed material frame: Its characteristics are: exquisite and beautiful shape, giving people a sense of elegance, because the outer layer of plastic is in close contact with the inner layer of metal material, it is not easy to burn, and the strength of the frame is increased.

          The material of the mixed material rack is mostly made of a mixture of metal and plastic. Some of these frames are made of plastic covered with metal; others use different materials for different parts of the frame, that is, the front frame is plastic and the temples are metal, or the front frame is metal and the temples are plastic; yes The combination of the above two methods, such as the use of plastic for the eyebrow bar and the bridge of the nose, the stainless steel for the frame, and the metal for the temple with plastic.

          2. Common frames are divided into full-frame frames, half-frame frames, rimless frames, eyebrow frames, combined frames and folding frames according to their shapes.

          1. Full frame frame: Full frame is a more commonly used frame type, which is strong, easy to shape, and can cover a part of the lens thickness.

          2. Half frame frame: The half frame uses a very thin nylon wire as part of the frame. The lens is specially polished to smooth the lower edge. There is a narrow groove in the lower edge, so that the nylon wire is embedded in the groove to form The bottomless frame style is characterized by light weight, giving people a light and unique feeling, and also relatively strong.

          3. Frameless frame: There is no frame and no ring, only the metal nose bridge and metal temples. The lens and the bridge of the nose and the temples are directly connected by screws. Generally, holes are punched in the lens. The frameless frame is lighter and more unique than the ordinary frame, but the general strength is slightly worse than that of the full frame.

          4. Eyebrow frame: The eyebrow frame is similar to the half-frame frame. The upper half frame has only one loop wire similar to the eyebrows, and a very thin nylon wire is used for the lower part of the frame. The style is more fashionable.

          5. Combined frame: There are two sets of lenses at the front frame of the combined frame, one of which can be turned up, usually for indoor and outdoor use. 6. Folding frame: The frame can be folded into four or six folds, most of which are reading glasses.